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Do you want to be a competitor or just compete?

Programs we have assisted or clients committed

Junior Elite Program
Junior Golfers who are preparing for competition.

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Life Skills

  • Proper Communication and Follow-up

  • The importance of Goal Setting/ Establishing Realistic Goals and Objectives

  • Teach Time Management Skills

  • The importance of Character and Integrity

  • How to balance Academics, Golf and Social Life

  • Help create a Positive Self-Image and Attitude

  • How to develop a Relationship Network

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Scoring Enhancement
  • On Course Playing Lessons

  • Course Management and Strategy

  • What and How to Practice Effectively

  • Mental Game Assessment 

  • Stats and Strokes Gained Analysis

  • Full Swing Instruction

  • Putting and Short Game Instruction

  • Subscription to

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  • Assist with resume building

  • Assist with being different

  • Assist in game plan on school search

  • Help with comparison of colleges to find best fit options

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  • Tournament Scheduling

  • How to Play Practice Rounds

  • How to make a game plan

  • Proper Nuitrition

  • Fitness Education

  • Junior Golf Scoreboard and            other ranking systems

Monday 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

$320 per Month

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