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Our Coaching


The Spencer Academy doesn’t use a blanket type approach to its golf Coaching and Lessons.   We recognize the unique nature of each person’s swing and adjust our curriculum to fit accordingly. This approach has made us popular with both amateurs and professionals.  Our students love the personalized attention and programs created just for them.


We create a partnership with our players and listen to their needs.  This partnership allows us to help players improve their games more efficiently.  We always start with an assessment of the players body type and movement characteristics, allowing us to start matching fundamentals such as grip, posture, swing plane and proper pivot.  Our goal is to build the fundamentals to allow you to play your best.  


Coach John Burger


John Burger

John is a graduate of Xavier University and a four year golf team member. John finished his career with receiving Academic All-American status. He has a passion for helping juniors navigate the recruiting process & helping golfers achieve their goals.

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