Name of Class:  Breaking 90

Tuition: $995

Day:       Wednesdays (8 weeks) – also includes four Friday evening supervised practice sessions

Time:     6:15pm – 7:45pm

Max:      4 students



Session 1-August 24-September 28                                                         Supervised Practice Sessions - 6:00-7:00 on Fridays, Aug 26,

Sept 9,16,23



Description:  You’re an avid player and a “bogey golfer” at best.  If you could just break 90, you could beat your buddies!  Only one out of four golfers shoot scores below 90 so this could put you into the “good golfer” category.  We’ll work extensively on your fundamentals and the scoring elements of the game including course management and the mental game.

Name of Class:  Beginner Golf 101

Tuition: $225

Day:       Saturdays (5 weeks)

Time:     8:00-9:00am

Max:  6 students

Dates:   Session 1 – July 30 - August 27


Description:  These adult classes are designed to introduce new golfers to the game.  Learn the fundamentals in a stress-free environment so you will be ready to play on the golf course without fear.  Take the class with a friend to make it even more enjoyable!

Contact: Dennis Wells at

Name of Class:  Breaking 100

Tuition: $550

Day:       Thursdays (6 weeks)

Time:     6:00-7:30pm

Max:      4 students

Dates:   Session 1 - Aug 25- September 29


Description:  So you’ve taken beginner golf classes and started to play on the course.  The next goal is to break 100!  According to statistics, only about half of all golfers score below 100 for 18 holes.  This class is designed to put you in the top half of all golfers!  We’ll sharpen your basic fundamentals, identify the areas you most need to improve, and go to work on lowering your scores.