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Why Us?

We will help you find your perfect!

We enjoy helping all golfers pursue their dreams and lower their scores. Golf is a challenging game and the path to improvement is similar to the journey through life. It takes tenacity, dedication, patience and passion to see your dreams come true. Golf lessons from the Spencer Golf Academy will teach you how to manage the variables in your game. 


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Junior Programs

Junior Camps

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Success Stories

Find Us

Players we coach compete at the best Universities in the Country


"Doug is a passionate coach that developed the coaching programs at my Academies in South Korea and Hawaii.  He builds his students with solid fundamentals to last a lifetime." 


  - Brian Mogg (Top 100 Teacher)

         Coach to Major Champions

"The Spencer Academy offers the best instruction you will find anywhere. We sent our daughter to Jacksonville University to play college golf. We thought with all the good teaching facilities in the area she would find better instruction. That was not the case.  We came back to Doug and she has dropped her division I scoring avg. from 76.3 to 71.8 in 6 months."


- Daryl Detmer

   (Proud Parent)

"Doug is a great coach that works very hard to understand how he can help you improve your game. "


 - Mike Adams (Top 100 Teacher)

         Golf Hall of Fame Member

*Proper Dress Code is required for all Players*

-Colored Shirt Tucked In-

-No Jeans-

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